Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the big chill

Harper's Bazaar October 2010.
I miss Abbey's dark hair! Her new color isn't nearly as pretty.


sarafrank said...

Wauw, your blog is really cool!
Lovely pic's! :--)
you are welcome to take a look at my blog, and follow me back if you want to :--)

love from sarafrank

MlleTrenDy said...

Great pictures ! Love the whole winter theme :)
Now following you too ;) said...

OMG Abbey and Chanel! wow! xxx xx

Carmen To said...

lovely pics ! can't wait for winter to come! :)
thanks for following and please visit more!

em (studs and supernovas) said...

thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! makes me smile haha
this post also makes me smile, although honestly i think abbey is hot regardless of her hair colour!
em x

Fashionably Black said...

Nice photos!

betsie said...

abbey lee kershaw is so beautiful .