Thursday, October 14, 2010

this kid got style

Vogue Paris February 2009


melou said...

beautiful set of photos!!

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Annushka said...

I Love these photo, very very very nice!!!))) Beautiful blog)))

taylor said...

LOVE this editorial with Lara Stone
stunning! Love all your images and thank you
for the kind words!! Love your blog and can't wait to
see what you post next!! ; )

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J.S. said...

Thanks for stopping by today....looks like you are newish to blog world...welcome...


Sanny said...

She definitely got the style, with the rebellious vibe!

Have a festive weekend, darl (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

redumbrellachronicles said...

I just covered her recently on my blog too. Such a unique look and love these shots. Thanks for sharing!

Emma said...

Hi Darling!
Thank you so much for stoping by my blog..
These pictures of Lara are unbelievable.. She is so stunning it's crazy, Every shot she makes is amazing.

Lovely blog you have!
Love from Stockholm

V.V. said...

great pics,Lara looks amazing in all those dresses...Cute blog!


Lee Oliveira said...

Lara is amazing.. I love her attitudes in photo shoots..
Great selection



Amy said...

I've always loved that shot of her in the purple dress! I like it when they style her a bit hard, a bit tough.


Sofie said...

I love these shots! They are so amazing and she is so gorgeous!


vickileestyle said...

thanks for your comment :)

love lara's look! at first i hated her personality but i'm growing to love her. plus her and david make a really sweet couple, i hope they last :)

Vintage Stop at

Joon. said...

I love the photos. :)

Pamela said...

Whoa. Style in spades, as is apparent. Le sigh ... why not me?!?!

Call Me Ishmael

Natalie said...


Peek-a-boo said...

amazing style xxx
follow me back if you want xxx

Maya said...

Love Georgia May, but I was just commenting the other day with someone it would be great if you wouldnt have to see her teeth gap every single time. I mean she is gorgeus in general, without this little "quirk"


P.S. Loving the blog in general! ;-)